Walmart Chile already registers first stores where e-commerce represents 25% of sales

Firm said that they already have a capillarity of shops so they can be less than half an hour from 90% of the Chileans.

Searching for ways to improve the automation of services and online sales takes up a large part of the gigantic Walmart's agenda for its operations in Chile. According to Horacio Barbeito, general manager of the unit, this gives results, because within their portfolio they see stores where these mechanisms already represent an important part of their transactions.

"We already have stores where the sum of the last mile, such as Cornershop,, what the online purchases are, and the pick-up, which is very successful, are almost a quarter of the sale of the property" he said. .

He added that in his opinion "Chile will come to the fore, especially in Latin America, but also worldwide with very good online penetration".

He explains in any case that "electronic commerce does not necessarily lead to more sales, but rather a bit of the composition or mix of sales migrating, how much physical and how much digital is." In Chile we are less than half an hour away from 90%. of the Chileans, the fabric of physical stores is ideal for digital omnichannel commerce, and the intersection of physical and digital gives us a competitive advantage. "

In this context he stressed that actors such as Cornershop "offer us the opportunity to innovate in the last mile, which is a challenge for new costs, but with scaling up it will certainly be moderated".

According to surpassed Walmart would negotiate the purchase of Cornershop.

In the field of innovation, he also emphasized the case of stores where automatic attention services represent more than half of the transactions (self-checkout).

In terms of growth, he added that they are making progress in converting and eliminating the Ekono brand. "We will be doing more than 110 renovations over the next two years, including the conversion of Ekono stores that will become Lider Express stores," he said.

Finally, the CEO of the Chile company said about recent government announcements on tax issues: "We evaluate the impact, but I think it was presented as modernization, and as you have seen in the presentation, we are all modernization is we hugging him. "

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