Warning for possible scams influenced by Suma

the Superintendence of Companies he warned that unscrupulous people they demand money affected people in the Suma process.

The control and monitoring body has clarified this the victims do not have to make payments to a natural person or company that announces itself as an advisor to the work team of the intervention.

The intervening agent, María Claudia Echandía, informed that "in the course of the coming weeks payment will be made to those affected by Suma and in no case should they supply money to third parties. "

The registrar of civil status has clarified that all works required by the intervener have been duly approved by the Executive Board, so those involved should not incur costs.

To date, the process for the return of 42 thousand 680 million pesos in cash to those affected by the illegal acquisition of Sum Assets.

"With this payout, more than 98% of those affected who have presented themselves to the intervention process are recovering all their money invested," he explains. the superintendent of Societies, Francisco Reyes Villamizar.

Payment for the victims is made via a transfer of the fiduciaria Bancolombia, owned by the owner of the intervention, to the bank accounts of the victims.

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