6 effective exercises to tone your abs and have your core like a rock

There is no strong core without a good six pack. Rectus abdominis, anterior serratus, oblique and transverse form the muscles in the area, which must be worked on thoroughly as their strengthening, along with the rest of the muscle groups that make up the core, brings numerous benefits to the body.

Thanks to the specific work of the environment it is possible Reduce the risk of injury, appearance back, neck and shoulder pain improve coordination, balance, flexibility, to light up breathe by improving postural hygiene, to protect internal organs or complete all kinds of daily tasks that involve movements, such as bending over or spinning.

Yes, no matter how strong your abs are, you won’t be able to show them unless you remove enough belly fat. And it is useful not to obsess. Exercising the abs and core yourself is already good news, but keep in mind that it is probably the part of the body where it is more difficult to remove fat and requires a lot of effort and persistence.

Effective stomach routine

For starters, it is necessary to include in your exercise routines the right exercises that, in addition to strengthening the abs, help define them by burning calories in the process. Ruben Garcia, fitness expert and personal trainer, shares a circuit of 6 exercises that target just that goal: abdominal hypertrophy + low body fat.

6 intense exercises to look six-pack

  • Shrugs + raises
  • Baking tray
  • Laterally shrinks + twist
  • Lateral scroll + climber
  • Breakdancer in 4 times
  • Hip isoflexion (height of hands, knees)

Circuit dynamics

  • Warm up before training
  • Working time: 30-45 seconds per exercise
  • Rest time between exercises: 15 seconds
  • Number of sets: 3-4 rounds
  • Rest times between rounds: 1 or 2 minutes

However, it is also necessary to understand that food plays a fundamental role in the process. Strength training is essential as it helps build abs, but they are made visible through diet. For this it is important to look for the calorie deficit and to eat enough protein. And if we want to curl the curl, it is essential to pay attention to factors such as sleep deprivation and stressbecause they increase inflammation and cortisol, which promote the accumulation of belly fat.

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