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AMLO presented its second government report in the National Palace (photo: presidency)

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the arrival of Andrés Manuel López Obrador Before Mexico’s presidency, the head of the federal executive branch delivered a government report outlining the advancements and challenges to be followed during his federal administration.

The event was scheduled 70 distinguished guests, including federal secretaries and top-level officials.

The difference between the dynamics of this ceremony and that of 2019 It is due to the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico, killing more than 100,000 and accumulating a million confirmed cases.

Exactly two years ago, Andrés Manuel López Obrador protested as President of Mexico (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Exactly two years ago, Andrés Manuel López Obrador protested as President of Mexico (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

18:00: Of the 100 pledges he proposed when he came to power, he assured, 97 have been fulfilled. To which he specified that the three are pending: decentralize the federal government, promote renewable energy development and learn the truth of the Iguala case; however, he added more commitments that were not in the original list: the completion of the Guadalajara suburban train, the Toluca-Mexico train, airport rehabilitation, maintenance of 40,000 km of roads, installation of an ecological cultural center in the Marías Islands, no mining concessions were granted, teachers affected by the educational reform were restored, Institute to give people back what was stolen, the T-MEC has entered into forceinflation is controlled and there is no shortage of raw materials, fuel or food.

Also the East Emitter Tunnelyou have the platform Who’s who in pricesthe education system was founded by reason, television and the Internet. It is also being developed as an alternative to Gross domestic product (GDP), the welfare index is developingas well as the project Healthy water for the Coahuila and Durango lagoons.

Finally for the oppositionThe president said this is “legitimate and normal in a true democracy”; however he added “most Mexicans support our government”. He then went on to provide other data claiming that “71% of Mexicans want us to continue to rule and with that we have […] I have not disappointed you and I will not disappoint youFinally, he cheered on Mexico and withdrew.

17:50: He also said that despite the crisis, the peso has not devalued and the public finance treasury has declined very little, 3% compared to last year.

Regarding insecurity, he said his government is addressing the disintegration of the social fabric, the leading cause of crime in Mexico, which he referred to as “Peace is the fruit of justice”. He also stressed that there is no impunity and that no one in his records is linked to crime. Likewise, he pointed to some data from INEGI where crimes are down. However, he acknowledged that deliberate murders, femicides and extortion have increased.

In the fight against criminal organizations, AMLO said it is promoting an agenda of respect for human rights “We are moved by a condemnation of justice, not extermination” and data provided to clarify that the elements of the Sedena and the Semar they have improved their performance in this area. For which he recognized and thanked the service of soldiers and sailors from Mexico..

The President of Mexico in his government report (photo: presidency)
The President of Mexico in his government report (photo: presidency)

17:40: Regarding economic measures to withstand the attack of COVID-19, López Obrador said there was no need to apply neoliberal debt contracting policies, but that Republican austerity and efficient job-rally allowed the national treasury to be unaffected. .

He also emphasized the intervention of remittances sent by Mexican migrants in the United States, since the sum of $ 40,000 million. Of which 10 million low-income families, which was listed as “Demonstration of heroism” and “social miracle”. He also said his administration started to recover jobs since Of the 117,584 million jobs lost, 555,600 have already been recovered. And he estimated that March 2021, they will be able to recover 20,613,536 jobs registered by the IMSS before the pandemic.

5.30 pm: During his presentation, the national president assured that his mega projects and the rescue of Pemex and CFAnd they continue despite the arrival of COVID-19.

He estimated that Mexico will stop importing gasoline by 2023, “Because we will be self-sufficient with the commissioning of the new Dos Bocas refinery and the modernization of the six existing refineries”. Given the progress of this policy, AMLO has added a bit of information: “Gasoline is cheaper now than when we started to rule”.

Regarding the new coronavirus pandemic, Tabasco acknowledged the damage done to Mexicans: the deaths of thousands, the deterioration of health of thousands and the loss of thousands of jobs in both the formal and informal sectors. Then the administration of la 4T decided to face this with unconventional methods that ‘have enabled us to gradually emerge from adversity’.

Despite facing a corruption-undermined health system, he said: 130 hospitals were built and 971 converted to provide specific care for patients with COVID-19.

López Obrador arrives at the National Palace to give his report (Image: Reuters / Henry Romero)
López Obrador arrives at the National Palace to give his report (Image: Reuters / Henry Romero)

17:20: The president highlighted the social programs for the poorest and most marginalized groups: Sowing life, Building young people for the future, Universal pension for the elderly, Pension for children with disabilities, scholarships for students from poor families and free universal medical care.

He also said that in the field of higher education, they are under construction or have already completed construction. 140 public universities. They increased 7,200 postgraduate fellowships and research, to reach a total of 123 thousand and double the number of doctors attending a specialty in Mexico or abroad.

As for internet connectivity to ensure primary education, AMLO reported 46,783 poor communities in Mexico now have access to the Internet and that the goal is that for him 2022 the entire Mexican territory will have access to this service.

17:10: He recalled that in these first two years the National Guard (GN), the popular searches As an instrument of citizen participation, the option to withdraw the mandate, the I went to the president and there is more efficient tax collection.

About the conversation republican austerityLópez Obrador assured in his report that he has bailed out, with regard to federal purchases and contracts a trillion 300,000 million pesos. He also added that as part of this, trusts that were “opaque” were canceled.

He said that by ruling without luxury and fighting corruption, he saved enough to be able to pay the salaries of government officials without delay: military, sailors, doctors and bureaucrats. Partly thanks to this Taxes and fuel prices have not been raised, the country has not been in debt, there is funding for social programs and the minimum wage has been increased by 30% in real terms.

AMLO during its government report on the second anniversary of the protest (Image: Reuters / Henry Romero)
AMLO during its government report on the second anniversary of the protest (Image: Reuters / Henry Romero)

17:00: The pavilion installed in the National Palace will receive Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Constitutional President of the United Mexican States, accompanied by Dr. Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller.

Part of the Secretariat of the National Defense (Sedena) makes a touch of silence in honor of the people who died from the pandemic. Next, the national president salutes the flag to those in attendance and approaches the podium where he will deliver his report. It’s when the national anthem sounds to start the federal ceremony.

You can see among the guests in the front row Olga Sanchez Cordero, head of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob); Y Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of CDMX.

At the start of its speech, AMLO recalled the two ceremonies of December 1, 2018; where he first protested in the Chamber of Deputies of the Palacio de San Lázaro, as required by law, and then delivered a speech in the Zócalo Capitalino to the people of Mexico.


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