Barranquilla’s Christmas lights will go on almost today

The city’s Christmas lights will start to shine from today at 7pm, at an event led by Barranquilla’s mayor, Jaime Pumarejo, in the company of the first lady, Silvana Puello.

The authorities indicated that in order to avoid personal assistance and comply with personal protection regulations against Covid-19, the ignition will be done virtually and people will be able to enjoy it through the mayor’s social networks.

“Our reality has changed and this year we will be welcoming via digital platforms this time. The priority is your health and that of your family. We want to have the best Christmas at home and take care of ourselves, this is not the time to relax, ”said the mayor.

The president expressed the wish that “the magic that characterizes this era will keep us hoping and confident that we will have dreams in 2021. Protecting our seniors and our loved ones is the best gift we can give them ”.

Barranquilla will be illuminated with more than 1,000,000 LED lights that will be in 12 streets, roads and avenues, as well as in 1 park in each city, and in symbolic spaces that, this year, amidst the new normal, do not just seek keep a spirit of hope alive, but pay homage to life, give care and keep fighting to overcome this crisis to enjoy more Christmas parties with loved ones.

This lighting will feature representative Christmas figures such as banners with angels and stars, bouquets of flowers, Christmas figures and traditional trees, among others that will shine to cheer and show that they symbolize new paths of confidence, optimism and great enthusiasm.

The Barranquilla Mayor’s Office appealed to citizens to enliven the spirit of personal self-care with more intensity in the new circumstances.

“When you get to know the Christmas lights, it is essential to follow all biosecurity protocols. Let’s not forget that Covid-19 is here and among all of us, by adhering to self-care measures we will beat it, ”said Pumarejo.

They recalled that visits or tours along the light route should be conducted in accordance with biosecurity measures, so they should always wear and use the mask correctly, keep physical distance and not cause crowds.

Barranquilla’s public lighting manager (APBAQ), Carlos Sarabia, for his part, explained that more than a million LED Christmas lights have been installed in the city so that all residents and visitors of Barranquilla can enjoy these spaces.

“As we take our walk through the city, we will find many surprises in our traditions that will give us light and color and renew our Christmas spirit so that health and family care are the best gift on this date,” said Sarabia.

Tribute to life on the Gran Malecón

The authorities explained that in 2020 the grand universe of Christmas will be lived in a special way with enlightenment inviting you to travel across different worlds. The lights will be turned on on the banks of the Magdalena River, paying tribute to life and inviting reflection and gratitude.

The Grand Universe takes you through worlds spread across different areas of the Great Malecón. The entrance will be through streets 72 and 78, lined with a path of stars that will ease the arrival of visitors.

The world of hope will be from the Puerta de Oro sector to the beginning of the Caimán del Río gastronomic market. Here will be a tribute to the memory of the victims of Covid-19, bearing in mind that, despite being a year of challenges, it was also a year to give thanks for health and family unity.

In this space, the light of the city of Bethlehem will shine, a spiritual and reflection angle, in front of the manger, which will have a dynamic of contemplation and appreciation.

“It was a difficult year, with harrowing moments, and from today Barranquilla will light up and start to shine, but for that we have to be responsible and enjoy this Christmas route. We must be responsible and know that we must all watch out for more infections among us, ”said the APBAQ manager.

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