Bogotá City Hall will allow the use of gas pipettes

This was reported by the Bogotá government secretary Luis Ernesto Gómez, who in dialogue with Noticias Caracol gave more details on the measure. The official stated that the use of gas pipettes at street vendors is regulated by the government.

“[La medida aplicará] Only for those who meet the gas cylinder type, who meet the standards, who have the hoses type, who have the cylinder on the outside of the vehicle for ventilation and who have the area under the control of the Fire Department team, “said Gómez, in conversation with that informative.

Likewise, Gómez stated in that medium that the gas companies and the fire brigade of Bogotá will help street vendors with training sessions to learn how to use pipettes Of gas authorized.

The official also reported this on that channel around the holidays there will be several temporary trading zones for those Street vendors can work without any risk. The zones will have more than 1,000 salespeople and will be located in the cities of Usaquén, Chapinero, Teusaquillo, Santa Fe and Puente Aranda.

One of the spokespersons for the street vendors’ union, in turn, thanked the Bogota City Hall and pointed out that now if their reality is taken into account and the difficult economic situation they have experienced this year.

“The district secretary of state acknowledged that the ban on the use of gas elements in public areas was a mistake because sellers were not taken into account,” said Alexander Tovar, representative of street vendors, in dialogue with Blu Radio.

This is the announcement of the Bogotá Government Secretary, Luis Ernesto Gómez:

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