Daniella Álvarez and the mistakes during the Miss Colombia election

This November 12 was held in Cartagena National Beauty Contest in which the sovereign representing Colombia is elected in Miss Universe 2019.

The chosen ones to present the big event were the presenter Carlos Calero and the former Miss Colombia, Daniella Álvarez. Although Calero has been one of the presenters who is in charge of announcing the Queen of Colombians every year, this year was the first turn for the model and also for the presenter Daniella Álvarez

The nerves and his & # 39; cluelessness & # 39; played a trick on him during the National Beauty Reign and his name quickly changed on Twitter because of the constant errors and & # 39; blunders & # 39; in the ether.

while Carlos Calero presented to the candidates several times the voice of her in the background was heard talking because she did not close her microphone. When the presenter asked him to give some advice to the finalists, the barranquillera got entangled in what he said and he remembered the disappointment that the former queen Carolina Gómez with the recent election of Valeria Morales, which will represent us in Miss Universe in December. "Think a little bit before you think about it"Carolina said at the time.

Another mistake was when I had to announce that they closed the votes to choose the Colombian favorite, but he was confused again and said the decision had already been made and he already knew the name of Miss Colombia, then she corrected herself and said that until now the vote would be closed and the judges would make a decision.

The clearest mistake, however, occurred when Carlos Calero read the name of the five finalists for Señorita Colombiabut Daniella Álvarez had a confusion and when the presenter called the fourth finalist, she interrupted him and said, "Well, it's time to choose our Miss Colombia," and Carlos Calero answered, "of course" and continued with the presentation announcing the fourth finalist.

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There was a silence in the theater and then she spoke to him and said: "No, are we going to call Miss Colombia or Viceroy?" To which Calero answers "to the fourth finalist", seconds later she falls into account and you apologize: "sorry, I got confused, I got too excited".

His constant mistakes during the presentation of the government were a center of ridicule and criticism in social networks. In fact, the confusion in naming Bolivar as viceroy, which ultimately happened, caused many to speculate about a supposed "arrangement" of the match.

"That Daniela Alvarez is very funny, makes a mess every two seconds, but I like the naturalness." He gave the vice chancellor, fourth finalist, by the way Calero's audios, "said a tweeter.

"As a connoisseur of the profession … the end is for Carlos Calero who had nothing easy with Daniela Álvarez and always looked for not to let it sink. I went through that … and it's not easy to throw the life vest and still want to drown, "wrote a Twitter user.

"Corrijo: I will not criticize the queens, but I will say that Daniela Álvarez showed us that the queen was already chosen, it is terrible," wrote another person.

"When we thought Carolina Gómez's" thinking for thinking "would not overcome anyone, Daniela Álvarez comes and does not overcome it once or twice, but three times", "Steve Harvey is wrong to announce the Miss Universe between two girls. Daniela Álvarez would be able to make mistakes and announce queen and viceroy when the semi-finalists have not yet been elected, "they said on social networks.

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