Driver who hit a cyclist on Chia bridge will not go to jail

At the latest hearing, the Public Prosecution Service withdrew the request for an insurance measure for the crime of wrongful death against Iván Darío Buitrago, a driver who ran over cyclist José Antonio Duarte. The prosecution has determined that the person concerned does not pose any risk to society.

The events of October 9 were captured on video. A van ran over a 56-year-old cyclist, causing him to fall off the highest part of the La Caro Bridge (Chía, Cundinamarca), which later killed him. Nearly two months later, after the hearing in which the person responsible was to be charged, a judge decided not to send him to prison as he was neither a danger nor a flight risk.

Iván Darío Buitrago was captured in Sopó after the video of the crash was released. At the time, however, he was released because he had not been caught red-handed. Now, after the indictment hearing, he will not be sent to prison either, but will remain connected to the investigation.

This provoked outrage from the victim’s family members and those of his attorney, who confirmed that he would ask the Supreme Judicial Council to oversee the case, in addition to requesting the Public Prosecution Service’s decision and the deputy from review the process.

Now we have to wait for the decisions to be made after the claims and demands of the family members of the victim, in addition to the claims in the investigation.

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José Antonio Duarte, was a 56-year-old watchman who, according to his loved ones, was not only the pride of his family, but also cycling for health and hobby. His death caused much outrage as the truck that hit him had more room to drive and the driver eventually fled the place without any interest in helping him.

However, there were also people who felt that the cyclist should not have to ride on the left lane of that road. Therefore, groups of cyclists have explained why the bi-user should not be questioned, based on two reasons: the first is Law 1811 (Law Probici), which says that the cyclist is allowed to occupy a lane and that the car that wants to overtake it must do so. take a meter and a half away; the second, that in this stretch of road there is no cycle path or other type of infrastructure that is exclusive or a priority for cyclists.

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The road safety of cyclists in Bogotá and neighboring municipalities is a topic that has caused controversy so far, especially when one takes into account that a report disclosed by the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences has died in the past three years 193 cyclists and 2,704 have been injured in road accidents in the capital.

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