eye! Thieves use this method to steal drivers in Bogotá

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Criminals, on bicycles, damage car mirrors to let drivers lower their windows, a moment they misuse to steal them.

A video showed how thieves on bicycles are using a new form of theft against motorists. The recording shows three men waiting for one of the traffic lights on Av. NQS changes to choose their victim.

First, as soon as the car stops in front of the traffic light, one of the criminals passes the vehicle very close and moves one of the rear view mirrors so that the driver moves the window down and back. Within seconds, two other men on bicycles are approaching the vehicle, before their victim has finished rolling up the window and robs it.

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Later the men disappear from the place and go through the cars to take the platform and one of the nearby closed streets.

According to the Minister of Security, there has been a decrease in all crimes in the past month, with the exception of bicycle theft. For example, the theft of things such as computers, identity documents, credit cards and other assets has increased from 4,707 cases in November 2019 to 1,507 in the same period of 2020, ie 3,200 fewer cases; mobile phone theft went from 5,536 cases to 3,941; while commercial theft decreased by 67% from 1,372 cases to 458.

In the case of robberies against persons, the reduction is 44% compared to the same period last year, as it went from 11,011 registered cases to 6,215 reported robberies this year.

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