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"Has it been operated on?" The neckline of Selena Gómez ("All her veins are marked") that is revolutionizing the US

April 25, 2019
(18:01 CET)

Selena Gomez has returned to the activity after being admitted to a psychiatric center for several months due to a depression that was partly due to his breakup with Canadian singer Justin Bieber. He has conquered it, he has turned the page and now he is better than ever. We saw her on vacation, and gave the strange concert in Coachella, and participated in a new song with J Balvin, even at the top of her social networks. However, it is the first time he has been honest in an interview since the worst moment in his life.

The young woman of only 26 years went to new podcast "Dream It Real "luxury brand wallets and accessories Coach, of which she is the image, she is the first guest of the room, of course she had already figured out where some questions would come. The artist did not stop and opened herself by opening He told about his mental health, social networks, his authenticity and why he missed the media in 2018.

"I took a lot of free time last year, I think I needed a moment for myself because I feel like I'm growing and changing," he explained. Selena Gomez without wanting to show that Bieber was behind that decision.

The therapy has come as a glove and has solved all your problems. He has been able to see his past and improve his present. "I am an advocate of therapy." The first step he took after his return to public life was to disregard social networks, although he was eager to communicate with his followers.

"I was a bit depressed when I looked at these people who looked beautiful and amazing, and I think it would be a big deal, I think that pausing is really important and remembering that the majority is not real," he said. Selena Gomez. The young woman would like to find someone who loves the inside and not the outside.

She doesn't want you to see her as a beautiful body. He no longer wants to be told about his physique and wants them to discover his heart. But his photos say nothing else. In these last questions followers are whether he has operated "all his veins are marked," they write. "Have you been operated on? They ask.

Selena Gomez

In the interview he also had a small detail for his fans in gratitude for all his support. "You are sufficient, you are absolute enough, and if you are dealing with things that are really difficult, such as family problems, anxiety, depression or substance problems, I think you have never gone that far (as if you can get help to get) […] We are all valuable. "

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