Have you talked about more? América de Cali: "Atlético Nacional and Junior, who are broken"

Tulio Gómez, the highest shareholder of the America of Cali, referred to a topic that concerns both the scarlet set and the other clubs that fight for honor in the local rent, the financial issue.

In statements to Futbolred, the largest shareholder of Los Diablos Rojos & # 39; that both the team running and the rest of the Colombian competition "They are bankrupt", so the integration of the Premium Channel (very critical) will serve to soften this. situation.

"La Dimayor is of the opinion that the football world is a very expensive company and has to collect a lot of money to improve quality, people have to pay a price for sitting in the stadium or sitting in front of the television, paying to see, that is worldwide. "said Gómez.

"All teams have lost money this year, to have a high-quality product that needs recharging and vice versa," added the Antioquia, who knows the business problem.

How do you see the financial reality of the FPC?

"All Colombian clubs are bankrupt, including Nacional and Junior, those who are bankrupt, what happens, is that they have a rich father who gives them money." Junior owes Silver to Olímpica, Nacional thanks Ardilla Lulle, Medellín to Raul Giraldo , America to Tulio Gomez and the rest to the banks, something that has been talked about in the meetings of the Dimayor, and the funds coming in through the Premium Channel will strengthen us. "

Gomez explained that "the idea is to earn about 10 million dollars in the next 10 years", a projection that starts with the meeting between different clubs on American soil with Jorge Enrique Velez, president of Dimayor.

"Initially we were talking about another company, they were looking for the transfer of Brazilian football and I introduced them to Colombia, I made the proposal and they liked it, it is a powerful investment fund that deals with billions of dollars. football can be seen in more than 50 countries, the issue was presented to the Assembly of Dimayor on November 30 and it was approved, we need to fine-tune details and we are waiting to sign everything, "said Gomez. he concluded. (With information / Futbolred)

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