Is this road indicative of the launch of GTA VI?

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Middle Mountain Trail is a quiet dirt road in the middle of nowhere in the state of Virginia. Only trees surround it. But according to some fans of the video game saga Grand Theft Auto, it could be a clue related to GTA VI , the sequel to one of the best-selling games of all time.

Late last week Rockstar has released a small preview of the next update to GTA Online. There wasn’t much content in the teaser, but fans did notice what looked like GPS coordinates at the bottom of the video.

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When they entered the numbers Google Maps, they found one unpaved road that appears to be in the shape of a VI, the six in Roman numerals.

Fans of GTA on Reddit and Twitter they went crazy. Is this a clue about it GTA 6, a clue from Rockstar to the most dedicated fans to find? Or is it just a coincidence?

We contacted Rockstar to discuss coordinates but did not receive a response in time.

Illustration to the article with the title

Statue: Google Maps

Fans are trying to rebuild this strange mystery in itself. Many are convinced that the shape of the road is too perfect to fit arbitrarily. I admit, it is very strange what the road looks like WE . Plus, Rockstar knows how dedicated its fans can be; it would be strange if the developer just added a few random numbers to a teaser for no reason.

That said, Rockstar was really going to use a teaser for an update on GTA Online to launch the GTA 6? And what are they really ahead of? It seems unlikely that the next game of GTA takes place in Virginia. Rockstar may just be trolling fans of it GTA desperate for information about it GTA 6.

As usual, people Search directions about it GTA VI on all Rockstar releases, and often they don’t mean nothing. But I’m not sure we can rule out this strange clue completely.

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