Los Angeles Lakers: LeBron asked James to return for a player with the Lakers NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers had an unusually low season, but there is still work to be done. 20 days before the start of the next NBA season, Rob Pelinka can continue to add elements as they have a number of available positions. You will certainly hear what LeBron James thinks.

LeBron is the player who drives the Angelina franchise because he has always understood that those players with few minutes are just as important as those who play 90% of them. Only one of them is Quinn Cook, to whom the king of the NBA himself made a more than clear request to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Cook has always been one of the most energetic players on the bench, despite having few opportunities to take the field. The guard, a former Golden State Warriors player, has always been one of those who pulled the car forward and the team up, something that is well appreciated by LeBron.

LeBron James called for the return of Quinn Cook

The King of the NBA and Los Angeles Lakers was clearly in dialogue with the Road Trippin podcast: “Quinn, he’s a pro, he’s definitely going to take a look. Hopefully he’s with us again. Hopefully we can get him back,” James stressed.

There is no doubt that the Lakers will certainly heed James’ request or at least evaluate whether that happens. There are some interesting free agents left in the NBA market, although the top priority is to give Anthony Davis a maximum contract.

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