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Medellín is a project for the construction of the light rail of the 80s

The mayor, Federico Gutiérrez, announced that he had prepared the ambitious project for the government, which should finance 70 percent.

"It is the most ambitious project after the construction of the Medellín metro," said the president, referring to the electric train that would cross the city.

The new metro would go along 80 Avenue, in the west of the capital of Antioquia, which would replace the tram project proposed by the mayor and eventually collapsed due to lack of resources.

It would be a light train as Rionegro is planning to build (in the east of Antioquia). Medellin & # 39; s would have 13.5 kilometers and an initial cost of 2.7 billion pesos, the newspaper El Colombiano reported.

At the announcement of the news, Federico Gutiérrez published images in which he appears alongside the finance minister, Alberto Carrasquilla, the Metro Manager, Tomás Elejalde, and the Treasury Secretary, Orlando Uribe Villa.

The project was set up in the National Planning Department (DNP), which should evaluate whether it is of strategic importance to the nation and should be studied later by the National Council for Economic and Social Policy (Conpes).

In addition, it must be analyzed and, in order to be converted into reality, approved by the High Council for Tax Policy (Confis), which examines fiscal viability, and the city council, which must examine whether it gives the green light to vigencias in to endanger. future.

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