Messi covered Nike with Adidas in tribute to Maradona

The act featuring the popular ‘Lío’ was featured in Barcelona’s 4-0 home win over Osasuna as, after scoring the last goal, he took off the Catalan team’s shirt to wear Newell’s Old Boys and point to the sky.

The special thing is that the garment had the logo of Adidas, Nike’s commercial rival, the sponsor of Barça and signs that it has an exclusive contract with the ‘culé’ team so that its players do not wear other brands in their match clothes.

The image of Yamaha in the front and Zanella in the back, that would cause conflict with Rakuten, sponsor main t-shirt Barcelona.

“He shouldn’t have done it, he should have covered the markings”, said Guillermo Ricaldoni, director of the sports marketing company ‘We Are Sports’, quoted by the Argentinian newspaper La Nación and who warned that the exclusivity clauses could cost the Catalans or Messi himself several thousand euros.

In fact, the Spanish federation has already fined the club 3,000 euros for violating the regulation of the exhibition of commercial images in celebrating a cause, the daily As.

The truth is, it was one of the most viral tributes to Diego Maradona and what when Lionel Messi He sure did, he didn’t think about the trouble it would cause.

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