Researchers at MIT manage to print 3D glass

A study published in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing ensures that 3D glass prints are achieved, giving the hot material and the finished product much more control.

This glass offers much more control over the hot material and the final product.Inamura et al

Promising 3D printing technology has made great strides in recent years, from plastic articles to metal parts and even lithium-ion batteries. Now, according to research published in 3D printing and additive production, 3D glass prints have been achieved.

As reported, MIT researchers Chikara Inamura, Michael Stern, Daniel Lizardo, Peter Houk and Neri Oxman created a system for 3D printing of glass It offers much more control over the hot material and the final product.


The system, called G3DP2, "is a new AM platform for molten glass that combines a thermal control system with three zones that is digitally integrated with a four-axis motion control system," say the researchers. (Reading: know the produced bricks with human urine)

The advantage of this new system is that it presents production capacity on an industrial scale "with an improved production and reliability level, at the same time guaranteeing the accuracy and repeatability of the product, all previously unreachable for glass, "they add.

G3DP2 uses a closed and heated box with molten glass and another thermally controlled box where he prints the object. A moving plate causes the object to fall down and down while it is being printed and the printhead moves over it.

Inamura et al

The system is interesting because it actually produces transparent glass structures can be used for both decoration and construction. Researchers pay special attention to controlling the glass extrusion system to ensure that it cools and crystallises without injecting contaminants or structural problems.

"In the future, combining the advantages of this AM technology with the multitude of properties of unique glass materials, such as transparency, strength and chemical stability, we can begin to see new archetypes of multifunctional building blocks ", wrote the makers. (Read: two architects awarded for making drinking water from the air)

This year, Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson launched an online store of three-dimensional print firearms. All designs are sold for US $ 10 dollars. This price includes a patented USB drive called Defense Distributed, which contains a file with drawings and shipping to the US.

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