Riot and escape of 28 minors from Antioquia psychiatric hospital

The escape of these minors was presented, according to the Personería of Bello, between 26 and 27 November in the psychiatric hospital of Antioquia (Homo), amid serious disturbances that were not reported in time by the site staff.

There were some acts of violence in which the minors revolted and confronted the detention staff and accompanied by processes of rehabilitation, rehabilitation and restoration of rights, resulted in the escape of 28 minors, ”he complained in a statement.

The Personería reported that two other minors were arrested and taken to the Cespa Judicial Center, 17 members of the mental health hospital staff were “injured” and that there was property damage to the facilities.

The entity “blames and questions the ways in which Homo handled the matter behind the control entities” as the situation was revealed three days after what happened.

Local media such as Minuto 30 picked up the Personería de Bello statement and said that, Until December 1, “the whereabouts and health of the young people who fled there are unknown.

The mental institution has not publicly referred to the case or provided information on its social networks, but there are users who question the treatments and medications provided to minors in that rehabilitation center.

The Antioquia Psychiatric Hospital was accountable on the day that minors fled

The minors’ escape took place in the middle of the accountability of the psychiatric hospital in Antioquia, which also showed aerial photos of what the new parts of the rehabilitation center will look like.

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