SIC fined Panamericana 507 million pesos for endangering babies’ lives


The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce confirmed that Panamericana will have to pay a millionaire fine for selling products that could affect the lives of hundreds of babies in the country. The products examined were: “Set of rattles x 3” and “Set of baby rattles”, with pieces that children could detach and choke or drown.

According to the SIC’s statement confirming the news, Panamericana has not guaranteed consumer safety by selling this product targeting minors, a population considered vulnerable in Colombia, and more than 2,400 units of found the above products. which have been marketed in different cities.

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So far 727 units have been withdrawn from the market, but 1,688 units are still awaiting recovery.

According to the statement, “Panamericana has endangered the safety and life of minors by marketing its Rattle Set and Baby Rattle Set products, toys which, under normal conditions of use, may release small parts that pose a choking hazard, are unsuitable for boys and girls aged 0 to 36 months and pose a risk even to minors over that age.

In addition, the entity stated that the product dimensions and use or care were not fully legible ‘as the choking hazard warnings in the packaging of the products’ Set of rattles x 3 (code 519139) ‘and’ Set of baby rattles (codes 519137, 519138 and 519140) ‘were located at the bottom of the box, with minimal visibility and miniscule text size, making it difficult for adults to access the warning. they bought the products, ”they confirmed through the statement.

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In addition, the SIC assured that the product that said “for children over 6 months old” had some indications for use that could reassure adults about using the rattle, but that could affect the life of any minor manipulating this product.

The sanction against Panamericana was brought through the Resolution No. 73872 of 2020.

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