The deviant murder of a minor who was found in a bag and with signs of torture

The victim, identified as Angie Lorena Nieto, 12, fwas kidnapped by a man who asked her to accompany her to buy some tamales for the new year, Blu Radio reported.

The next day, the authorities found the minor in a plastic bag that was thrown on a communal road.

According to unofficially known Blu Radio, the body showed signs of torture and it seems that the girl was sexually abused.

EThe person responsible for the murder was captured by the police and pat the disposal of the authority authorized for its respective legalization, said RCN Radio.

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The body of the minor is transferred to the legal department in the city of Villavicencio to determine the causes of his death, and adds the radio.

On the other hand the mayor of Cabuyaro, Felipe Piñeros, indicated this to the same mediahis crime must be assessed with the full weight of the law and that these violent actions against women can no longer be allowed.

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