The financial sector leads the ranking of the most valuable Colombian brands of 2020

Bancolombia Building in Medellín.  Private file.
Bancolombia Building in Medellín. Private file.

The Compassbranding consultancy presented the results of the nineteenth edition of the survey “The most valuable Colombian brands “, a classification that aims to evaluate the value of the country’s top brands.

The list is led by banks Bancolombia, Davivienda or Banco de Bogotá, which have a value greater than US $ 1,500 million, while Western Bank and the Success group they reached a value between US $ 500 million and US $ 1,500.

The same, Bavaria, has seven products out of 12 whose brands are the most valuable in Colombia, according to the 2020 classification established by the company.

Among the products that stand out from the multinational beer company, of Colombian origin, are Poker Y Eagle, with a value greater than US $ 600 million, while Pony Malta, Club Colombia and Águila Light obtained a value between € 100 and € 300, same obtained by others like Argos Y Alpina, They are in sixth and seventh place respectively.

According to this year’s report, the ranking is led by food and beverage brands, as 83 of the top 100 brands belong to this group of consumer products.

Despite being immersed in one of the greatest economic crises global brands in history, the leading Colombian brands in the products and services categories they managed to maintain their position and valueThe report explained.

The rest of the products, ie 17 brands, are owned by companies in the construction industry, clothing, personal and household hygiene items, electrical appliances, decoration and balanced animal feed.

Meanwhile, the top dozen of the most valuable brands also include the Nutresa Group with your products Noel Y Zenou, same as him Red Eagle Coffee, closing the top 12 of the aforementioned ranking.

Similarly, the consultancy first analyzed the relationship between brand value, strength, and weight by categorizing Colombian brands into four quadrants: Leaders, Consolidated, Potential, and Threatened.

“Avianca is a benchmark for understanding this relationship. The company, while having a brand with a long tradition, has other more significant intangible assets such as national and international route permits and airport permits.said Fernando Gastelbondo, chairman of the consultancy.

For the analyst, the other impact of incarceration is that it has accelerated negative and positive processes that began long ago.

On the positive side, many companies have accelerated the presence and accessibility of their brands in a virtual way, such as Familia y Éxito.

“From a negative point of view, some companies already in restructuring processes have received a blow that mislead them”Gastelbondo insured.

Likewise, the head of Compass Branding emphasized that brands, like almost all intangible assets, are an intrinsic part of a business and that when it suffers, the value of brands is affected.

“Brands are a catalyst for the transformation of a company. For this reason, companies are investing large sums of money in creating, renovating and changing the graphic identity of companies, as well as that of their products and services ”, concluded.

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