“The pharaohs” of the scam: with sex they attracted their victims and then darkened them

The National Police dismantled a criminal organization, mostly made up of women, posing as sex workers, only to later mislead and extort their clients.

“La Faraonas”. This is how the police called a gang made up of real queens of fraud. Their peculiarity: they used sex as their main weapon to attract their victims and then grew older to extort them money. It was thanks to a man’s complaint, who preferred to expose them to their blackmail, that the authorities were able to dismantle this organization. This is how it worked.

The Hook were very young women, who were dedicated to seducing single men, willing to pay for companionship. They could easily identify them and convince them to go elsewhere to complete the transaction. Those who accepted it fell into a trap, a scene with a good script. Leaving the location, the couple were approached by persons posing as judicial police officers and asking for documents. The woman fulfilled her role: she showed an identity card in which she appeared as a minor.

Having sex with minors and beyond it is a crime to pay for it. The fake detectives took advantage of this to undermine the will of the victim, who was told he was being held for violent carnal access and pimp unless he paid them. Just as they were taking him to a vehicle, another protagonist of this stage appeared on the scene: an alleged journalist. His role was to reinforce the blackmail by threatening to publish the story in a well-known media outlet and expose him as a sexual abuser of minors if he did not pay a large sum of money, amounting to $ 100 million in some cases. Several fell.

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It wasn’t until September 4, 2019, that a citizen made the decision to denounce “Las Faraonas” after paying nearly $ 60 million. From that date, the Gaula employees started the investigation, which ended with the identification of a woman known as ‘Angela’, who led the organization, and two other women: one was responsible for classifying her victims, she said. economic capacity, and the other served as a bait.

After establishing the modus operandi and gathering the evidence, anti-extortion agents captured these criminals in the Puente Aranda and San Cristóbal Sur sectors, who will have to answer for the crimes of kidnapping, extortion, theft and conspiracy to secure a commit a crime. The authorities continue to work to arrest the other members of the gang.

While none of the women were minors (which prevents the complainants from facing criminal charges as well), the case served the authorities to expose another form of fraud and extortion in the city, and the extorted (and others) such as those who are committed to seeking out girls to pay for their sexual services), this case could serve as a lesson.

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