The police conquered a man who fired shots in Bucaramanga judicial

A man interrupted the calm of the Cabecera neighborhood when he shot in the air several times, during the 39th race with 41st street in Bucaramanga. Faced with this situation, the residents of the sector have warned the police, thanks to a complaint via line 123.

When they arrived, the patrols confirmed that the 48-year-old was firing his rifle in front of his house. The accused, who saw the presence of the authorities, sheltered himself in the house.

Then the members of the police entered the house, arrested the man and seized the pistol with 8 percussion vanilla, three vendors and 57 cartridges.

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At that time, the agents observed a strong smell of alcohol. After checking the second floor, they discovered a craftsman who was still for the production of counterfeit liquor from different brands.

During the procedure, elements such as two five gallons of pimpins containing ethanol were seized, as well as 5,510 labels of recognized brands, 226 caps for different liqueurs, 500 safety rings and 790 departmental revenue stamps from Santander.

In the residence of the prisoners, 20 ballot papers from a cocaine derivative were also discovered.

After being arrested for the crimes of trafficking in human beings, production and illegal possession of firearms, trade, production and execution of narcotics, and imitation or simulation of food, products or substances, the index was made available to the Attorney's Office. General.

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Recognize the counterfeit drink

The national police invites citizens to promote the legality culture by buying these products in recognized and trusted institutions, so that their celebration is not a time of grief.

• Keep these recommendations in mind so that you are not a victim of counterfeit drink:

• Be wary of alcoholic beverages that are below the usual values.

• Check the appearance of the bottles before consuming their contents and doubt any worsening of their presentation, the security stamp must not be broken or in bad condition, the label must not show any inconsistencies in the print, among other things.

• Check that the tabs on the packaging of the tetra package do not contain glue residues.

• Check that the drink has no sediments.

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