There is no step on the road Bucaramanga – The Table of Saints by powerful fire judicial

The aid agencies have spent five hours trying to keep a strong fire under control that has alarmed residents and visitors of La Mesa de los Santos in Piedecuesta.

According to preliminary information, the flames started in Cerro San Miguel, near the tollgate of La Mesa.

Because of the intensity of the flames, vehicles stopped in both directions from the road to Bucaramanga, which caused the damming for several hours. discovered that the evacuation work of the vehicles goes through the old route given to Curos.

(Video: Fernando Uribe)

To control the situation, the Piedecuesta fire department arrived at the site, with three tankers, the Metropolitan Police of Bucaramanga, the Santander police and Civil Defense.

According to Lieutenant Rafael Herrera, of the fire brigade of Piedecuesta, the topography of the site makes it difficult to attend the fire.

"We are working on putting out the fire and keeping the community safe – it's a big fire in a complicated place," he explained.

At this moment the passage on the road to La Mesa de Los Santos is closed. The number of hectares affected by the flames is unknown.

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