They are looking for a Venezuelan who has kidnapped a newborn baby, Yopal

The Venezuelan woman, who called herself Paola Cano, was recorded in a Yopal security camera when baby Santiago Sánchez, barely 23 days old, was taken, Noticias Caracol reported.

The video shows the woman wearing the newborn with a blanket while walking in the rain.

The child’s mother, identified as Lisbeth Coromoto Sánchez, assured in the news that the woman was very affectionate with the child,“I’d pat him on the back and give him kisses.”

In a mistake, however, the Venezuelan took the opportunity to take the minor.

The police are offering a reward of up to 20 million pesos for information to identify the whereabouts of the baby.

The last time they saw the foreigner with the child, the news report said, was at the Paz de Ariporo transport terminal, Casanare.

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