They issue health warnings on some samosas and tamales

(CNN) – Health experts warn that some foods in the home could pose a greater risk for a Thanksgiving season already interrupted by the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The holidays will already look different for many as the US hits a staggering coronavirus death toll of more than 255,000 and experts warn that traveling for meetings is likely to increase the spread.

And with issues ranging from lack of re-inspection to possible contamination, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued public health warnings for four foods this month as potential hazards.

“FSIS is concerned that some of these products may be in consumer refrigerators. Anyone concerned about an illness should contact a healthcare provider, ”said a public health warning, adding that the products in the recalls should not be consumed.

Chicken and beef samosas

FSIS issued a public health warning on Saturday for chicken and beef samosa products with spring roll cakes that have been recalled by the manufacturer, Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing.

The warning comes from an incorrect marking and an undeclared allergen, the warning said. There has been no recall because the Food and Drug Administration is still investigating the product. There have been no reports of side effects.

The chicken and beef samosas are produced from November 11, 2019 to November 11, 2020 and have the establishment number ‘EST. 44163 “or” P-44163 “within the USDA ecolabel, depending on the warning. They were sent to California, New York and Texas.

Chicken and pork tamales

Some ready-to-eat chicken and pork tamales were recalled on Nov. 15 after Tucson Tamale Wholesale Co. pieces of hard plastic found in cans of pureed tomato cubes from an ingredient supplier, according to the recall.

“Hard plastic can be a choking hazard or damage teeth or gums,” said the recall, although there have been no confirmed reports of side effects.

The recall applies to “Tucson Tamales” packages of pork and chicken with green chili produced between October 22, 2020 and November 9, 2020 with the plant number “EST. 45860,” the pension report said.

The tamales were distributed nationwide.

The ingredient supplier recalled the tomato cubes in consultation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Warm the carne

FSIS has issued a public health warning for beef products that have not appeared for re-inspection on import into the US.

Wegmans Beef Culinary Stock No Salt Added was imported around November 5 and the warning was issued the following week.

While no side effects have been reported from consuming 32 oz containers labeled 25MAR2022 and 26MAR2022 on the label, FSIS said the products should be thrown away or returned to the store where they were purchased.

The items were shipped to New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, according to the warning.

Spaghetti and meatballs

Earlier this month, FSIS issued a warning for 15.5 oz plastic containers with “Take Out Spaghetti and Meatballs in Marinara Sauce.”

The warning warns that food may be contaminated with metal. Some consumers found that Kwik Trips, Inc. according to the warning, bits were embedded in the meatballs.

The warning applies to products with packaging dates 10/17/20 to 11/1/20 and expiration dates 10/25/20 to 11/9/20 on product labels. The articles, with the location number «EST. 20,852 ‘, were shipped to Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The product has not been recalled because it is no longer for sale, but officials are concerned that customers who have already bought it will eat it.

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