They propose to pay only 80% of the minimum to restore jobs

A group of former ministers and economic analysts presented to the government and business associations a plan to create jobs in light of the high unemployment rates Dane has presented in recent months.

The document proposes a process of temporary work flexibility pay only 80% of the minimum wage to employees hired in the coming weeks.

Former Finance Minister Rudolf Hommes said this in a video neither the pension quota nor the quota for the compensation funds may be paid. Likewise, in the event that an employee is fired, the severance pay applies to two days per month worked.

With the initiative, also led by former minister Luis Fernando Alarcón, the more than 24 signatories come they expect a million jobs to be created in the country.

When other analysts heard about the proposal, they sharply criticized the possibility of introducing labor flexibility, considering this process unconstitutional and detrimental to the quality of work in Colombia. This was explained to Pulzo by the director of the Labor Observatory of the Universidad del Rosario, Iván Jaramillo.

“It is an openly unconstitutional proposal. Article 53 of the political constitution promises a minimum vital and mobile reward. In addition, paying less than the minimum wage, beyond the legal issue, would not allow for an economic recovery because people would not be able to consume and there would be downward competition, ”he said.

He added that in 2008 Europe tried to implement similar measures, which were unsuccessful.

“I think lowering workers’ income will affect consumption capacity and harm the criteria of decent work,” he concluded.

And it is that, according to Article 53 of the Political Constitution of Colombia, mentioned by Professor Jaramillo, the labor statute is the “Non-exemption from the minimum benefits stipulated in labor standards.”

The socio-economic adviser, professor at EAN University, Jorge Munévar, for his part, warned of the social consequences that the application of the proposal of the former ministers would have.

“One can understand the current situation in business. But that proposal is very serious, especially now that everything to do with the minimum wage is being worked on. With a salary below the minimum, the entire legislative structure must be changed. It could be done through an extraordinary decree in a state of emergency, but that will not be tolerated by society, ”he told Pulzo.

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