“We have forgotten about psychological well-being”

Half a year has passed since our lives began to be drastically affected by the advent of the coronavirus. The media continues to harass us number affected, but little information is shared on how ‘the new normal’ it affects the mental and emotional health of many people.

I still remember the day when total isolation in Spain last March. My first thought was, “my mother, what happens to all people with mental illness? What will all those people who cannot handle that much under normal circumstances? ‘ insulation, how much the suicide rate will increase. “

Today, the pandemic It’s just as present in our lives as in the beginning and I keep asking myself the same questions. I find it necessary to remember how invisible the fragility of our lives is, that of those whose well-being depends so much on the social interactions and relationships, as well as participating in activities that we provide routine and regular outdoor socialization. Any moderately sociable person can probably identify all of these aspects as essential to their health as well mental well-being. However, the way each of these factors depends will be very different, because on the one hand all people are different and we enjoy different rights and on the other hand, some of us also have to undergo psychiatric and sometimes therapeutic treatments.

I know many people who have easily adapted to the so-called new normal and maintain a very positive attitude. I envy them and pray that more and more of us are people who can find mechanisms to move forward without being paralyzed by them. pessimism and fear. The truth is that no matter how hard we try, if we have a particular psychological vulnerability or have a diagnosed mental disorder, it will eventually it can affect us.

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