10 years without the first lady of the Colombian theater

Fanny Elisa Orlanszky had Colombia held art and theater. When he died, people wondered what would happen on the stage without her. This Argentinian more Colombian than the hat vueltiao, managed to assemble his own theater and make his name a brand.

Fanny was born in 1930 in Buenos Aires, Argentina . His parents were Camilo Mickey and Celia Orlansky. One day she said that at the age of 7 her father forced her to make business accounts, a textile factory; office that would serve years later to manage the theater industry in which he settled.

The artist had six brothers. Mr. Mickey wanted his daughter to be a lawyer or a public accountant. When the man in the house found out that Fanny wanted to do theater, he beat her up. To start the journey and find her dreams, she had to flee from home.

The first marriage, which lasted only three years, ended after the man hit her when she heard that she had attended an audition. Fanny fled away from home again. At that time he met Pedro Martínez the person responsible for Fanny who arrived on Colombia and whom he qualified as & # 39; the love of his life & # 39 ;.

Among her many transactions, she worked as an accountant for a toy company, then took part in an exercise program, from then on she started acting.

When she entered Colombia she did it for Buenaventura ] accompanied by Martínez, who worked on national television. "When we arrived I wanted to return immediately, but there was Pedro and I lived with him for eight years in Cali" Mikey said.

The only person who tried to advance the theater in Cali Enrique Buenaventura with the & # 39; Teatro Escuela de Cali & # 39; . Fanny started working with Buenaventura and discovered that her talent organized events with a theatrical character. In a short time he became a necessary person to put together the festivals that were held in the capital of [delValledelCauca . She said of herself that she was "a beast of the theater: from sweeping the floor to selling tickets with a voting round."

Their second relationship lasted eight years. When he was done with Martinez he returned to Argentina but he had already fallen in love with Colombia and a short time later he returned to the country, never to leave.

When he returned, Jorge Ali Triana and Jaime Santos had arrived from Czechoslovakia and formed the TPB (Popular Theater of Bogotá) . She met Jorge Alí and he asked her to work together. Fanny was the executive director.

With TPB she toured the country and traveled to Buenos Aires . When he stopped with Triana, he devoted himself to the café concert. From that moment on she started looking for a location to do her show.

Fanny & # 39; s life was theater and little importance was attached to other things, including health. His first rise in tension was in TPB, "he stood on the brink of death" commented Jorge Alí. The first paralysis of the face took place at the opening of the Metropolitan Theater in Medellín.

After twelve years later giving up love, Fanny met Luis Enrique Álvarez with whom she lived and Daniel Álvarez Mikey

Fanny wanted to be with time theater and created the National Theater of Colombia . The time came that the demand grew, but you could not increase the offer because the room was small. This is how the theater appeared La Castellana .

In 1988 under the motto "an act of faith in Colombia" the Ibero-American theater festival of Bogotá was created one of the objectives was the artistic integration of Latin American countries . Today it is one of the most important festivals in the world.

On August 16, 2008 Fanny Mikey lost the battle against a severe kidney infection. His last appearance in the theater was in 2008 with the work & # 39; Perfume de arrabal y tango & # 39 ;, in which he looked jovial and renewed.

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