A moving message from Greeicy Rendón to artists

Greeicy Rendón is part of the & # 39;See who is dancing& # 39 ;, Program in which He distinguished himself thanks to his charisma and brilliant talent with which the judges in each gala will be surprised.

Even though the singer has Little time for rehearsalsBecause of the many obligations that she has to meet every day, she has been able to prove that she is all potential to win this talent show.

So, after dancing one meringue version of the subject & # 39; Mi niña bonita & # 39; from Chino and Nacho, Cali has shared a publication in his account Instagram, making use of the opportunity to do one touching message to the artists.

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It is a photograph in which the actress appears during her presentation and in which she writes: "& # 39; It could have been better & # 39 ;, a phrase that we constantly have artists in our mindsbecause art knows no boundaries and always puts us to the test. It is not that when a mathematician is asked, how much is 2 + 2. If his answer is 4, then his grade is excellent. "

De Cali adds that many times everything can have an impeccable result, however, the most important thing is to enjoy it with the soul otherwise it would not do any good to have made it perfect.

"I always give myself a hard time after myself and see more when my figures were good; but I have the peace of mind that I have enjoyed it with my heart. I love music and to dance you need music, so when the songs start, it's like something happens … it's inexplicable, "says the friend Mike Bay.

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Returning to the presentation of Greeicy, it is worth noting that this was received important compliments from the jury & # 39; s.

"You have everything to give. The joy, the emotion, your dance. You have never been wrong. We believe in you because Greeicy returned enchanted, in love and devotedly, "said Lola Cortés.

On the other side, Dayanara Torres added: "I'm taking off my hat, with everything you have to do and what you have done … loved it".

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