Bogotabandjes are tuned to Rock al Parque 2018

Twenty are the district groups participating in the 24th edition of the musical and mass event. Apollo 7, Ship, Implosion Brain and Skampida count their steps to be on this platform.

The band Apollo 7 says that performing the Rock to the Park stage is a dream come true. / Courtesy

Between the bands with more trajectory than they participated in the public call to select the local talent of Rock to the Park 2018, they won a number that were recognized as Skampida, which is his 20 year race at the festival celebrates; Tears Of Misery will also be present, with more than 200 presentations and 18 years of work. These groups will share the stage with the most striking artists of the metal, such as Dark Tranquility, Dark Funeral, Cattle Decapitation, Suffocation and Ship, the latter a legendary collective of national rock that, with almost four decades in music, the challenge assumed to participate in the call, from the hand of his leader: the teacher Jorge Barco.

The first place in the call has its challenges and that is why Alejandro Robles, guitarist of Implosion Brain, says they rehearse a lot for their encounter with the public massif.

"Because we need to take advantage of this opportunity, we need to show why we won this first place in the call, we want to present an excellent show and that's why we work to the smallest detail, because we have the responsibility to at a good time on stage, between two large groups such as Masacre and Dark Tranquility, we want to take the opportunity to show that we are in Colombia at the level of large foreign groups, "said the musician.

Implosion Brain is characterized by a musical proposal with regard to an urban environment, full of violence and lies, with texts that talk about his own experiences and with rhythmic elements linked to the melodic death metalcore.

"From the moment they confirmed that we were selected, we decided to choose the songs to present at the audition, some of the previous records and the most recent album, with which we have five singles, five video clips that circulating in different media, "says David Mujica, bassist and singer of Skampida, a band influenced by a strong combination of genres such as ska, punk, klezmer, polka, rockabilly and power core; sound with which its members achieve a discharge of energy in the scenarios they enter.

Among the new generations that will be in the 24th edition of Rock al Parque, the participation of Manniax, La Mano de Parisi, Apollo 7, Mad Tree, Lika Nova, D & # 39; Ius Solis and Durazno, which wide range of alternative proposals, fresh, on the way to the new face of the Bogota rock and a clear manifestation of the national sound.

For Steven Baquero Vargas, singer and guitarist of Apolo 7, to be at Rock al Parque 2018, is to fulfill a dream because "it is a platform that demands a lot of respect, a little too much talent, work requires effort, which is why we prepare ourselves for hard tests, so that the show enables us to attract new target groups, which is not easy, but we know we have all the possibilities, it's not free that we have this quota won for Rock the Park ". Apolo 7 wants to captivate, impress, remember this presentation as the best show of their lives.

36 years ago Ship wrote history by presenting one of the most cult albums in Colombian progressive rock, Born, now, in Rock al Parque, the collective presents their new material, with songs like Leave It Behind.

"We have great expectations of reaching Rock al Parque, because it is the largest festival in Latin America in this genre and also because we want to show a genre that is a bit forgotten, that is progressive rock and our band has been doing it for more than 30 years, "concludes Diego Torres, drummer of the band Ship.

Apollo 7, Ship, Implosion Brain and Skampida they heat engines to increase the volume of their stories, using the huge showcase of Rock al Parque 2018.

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