Captain Marvel generates controversies about his trailer

Captain Marvel is one of the most anticipated projects of fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the beginning of 2018, due to some details that They melt the character together with the Avengers tires.

Although it was recently unveiled, the first trailer of the famous film that arrives in cinemas in 2019 is not made. Do not wait any longer and the concerns begin to arise with regard to the scenes that were shared with the spectators.

In the advance published by wonder during the program Good morning America, you can see how it is the personal process that Carol Danvers must go through if he encounters his reality when he arrives on earth and the set of problems that some intruders will deal with.

Within the fragments that were shared, there is a scene that has attracted the attention of the public, since it is a rather strange reaction on the part of the Captain Marvel. As you can see in the trailer, the amazement and anxiety the warrior takes to see the civilization of the 1990s, because she has just landed in an unknown territory, apparently.

The video will appear within a few seconds Danvers for an old woman who is on board a train. There lThe superheroine keeps a look at her and hits her hard on the face.

Different people are surprised for this scene because It is not common to see how a protagonist injures a helpless being like that woman. Everything, however, has an explanation, because with active war between the kree and the skrules, Danvers remains fully aware of his enemies.

the Skrulls they have the ability to change shape and assume the appearance of an ordinary person. For this reason, it can be understood in the images in the trailer Captain Marvel distrust completely all beings approaching her (the boss of her enemies shows herself as a human being).

This action of the character has become one of the most discussed on social networks, because it is rather controversial to see one of these characters attacking a citizen. however, Thanks to the explanation given in the video itself, it can be understood that it is more an act of defense than an attack.

Some doubts that arose after the trailer was made available to the fans were solved by the same internet users.

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