Daughter of Carolina Soto is born on the same day of her sister Sofia

Violetta was born on August 23, the same day that her sister Sofia had turned 14.

Carolina Soto.Cristopher Gómez

Carolina Soto announced the birth of his second son, a girl named Violetta. Through a message on social networks, the presenter said that the baby was born August 23the same day as yours sister Sofia would serve 14 years.

"Today the heavens and the earth celebrate. Today, August 23 is such a special day for our family! We celebrate your arrival Violetta and your birthday Sofi sister. For me it is a goddess, 365 days in the year and God, life, you and my angel of heaven have chosen this day for your coming! ", Wrote Soto next to a photograph taken during the delivery in the clinic.

"It is the eternal love of God and my little sister who has allowed it like that. Thank God for my little girl, so desired, so expect. To my Sofi happy birthday # 14, even if you are in heaven, I know you are so close to us"the presenter added.

Carolina Soto She celebrates the birth of her second child, but also remembers her sister Sofia El Khoury, who died in July 2015 after being in a coma after an accident in one of the pools of the Hilton Dalaman Resort hotel in Turkey. (You can see it: the touching words with which Carolina Soto remembers her sister).

The little girl, then 10 years old, suffered the accident when she was in one of the hotel swimming pools when she was sucked up by a grid and swallowed part of her hair. Although a hotel employee managed to save the girl, the doctors ruled brain dead.

Carolina Soto married Germán González in 2013 and in January 2017 they had their first child, Valentino. This year she accepted the challenge to be a presenter of the program "Day after day" by Caracol TV.

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