Demian Bichir becomes demon hunter

When Demian Bichir received the invitation to play The nun He thought about rejecting Corin Hardy's proposal because he was not fond of horror stories, but at the insistence of his agent, the Mexican became Father Burke and entered the so-called universe of The enchantment to tell the origin of this story.

"I do not choose my projects by genre, but because of what is in the script, I am not a fan of horror, but in The nun and in this priest I found a formidable story, I do not like paying to be scared, so I was a bit reluctant to enter him, but my agent said to me: & # 39; Look & # 39 ;, and that did I, "Bichir said in an interview.

For this story, which as main location had the castle that inspired Bram Stoker to write dracula, Demian gives life to Father Burke, who is sent to Romania as a good soldier, who despite his fears and contradictions has to fulfill his mission: fighting a demon who possesses pure souls.

"I found some formidable elements that kept me trapped: there was a strong and courageous character, a character with contradictions, with his own demons, with fears and all this in the 50s in Europe, which was also a particularly strong moment and in the mountains of Romania, all those elements have led me to say yes.

"We went to the real locations, places that are not on my holiday list, which I would not visit, just three days of travel, imagine that, then in the mountains of Romania, in this castle that calls us draculaIn that region of Transylvania, it was all phenomenal and there is very little to be imagined, "he explained.

The nun It is part of a billion-dollar franchise franchise that James Wan started five years ago and is now owned by Brit Corin Hardy; it was exactly the director who decided to have Bichir recorded in his cast after seeing him perform on the film Che, by Steven Soderbergh, where he played Fidel Castro.

"It was just great his performance Cheand I've seen it too The 8 most hated, by Tarantino; so the idea of ​​having it was attractive, but I was worried because he did not like horror films, so I traveled to England, where I was a PhD Alien: CovenantI told him about the film, my vision and the design of the character, it was very exciting when he agreed, "Hardy said.

"Demian had a brilliant, very deep process to create this very eccentric character, including Taissa: we saw hundreds of actresses in the casting for the role of Sister Irene, but when I saw her, she took them all out of the way. Taissa has achieved something unique that you can see in the film, her fear really feels like, "added Corin about Taissa Farmiga, Vera Farmiga's younger sister who was the main character of The enchantment.


while, The nun he puts a priest on the screen who is sent to Romania to fight a demon, the background message allowed Demian Bichir to make his fears visible to the earthly. "More than the supernatural, I am afraid of many more earthly things, ignorance, that a government is lying to its people, clowns of reality shows they want to be president, all that sort of thing keeps our hair going. & # 39;

The actor says we have to "fear the living", but at the same time "trust in good politicians", because just like in the film, the belief is that mountains will resist: "At the moment we have to have faith to test everything, to ourselves better identifiable as human beings, it is a moment of transition and in this opportunity the only guaranteed thing is that the people we choose are people in court ".


The film is considered the spinoff from The enchantment 2, original from 2016.

In February 2017 it was announced that Corin had signed Hardy to direct the film with a new scenario by James Wan and Gary Dauberma.

Two months later, the Mexican actor signed his contract to become the protagonist.

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