Dua Lipa makes a party in Ibiza to celebrate his 23rd birthday Photo gallery present

Dua Lipa she has become one of the women of the moment. She has shown talent for music that has overshadowed her role as a model. It has a team that is not too jealous of the Taylor Swift and it has become a reference of style.

And all that with just 23 years, which meets on August 22nd. A special day for her that she has decided to celebrate in our country. And if you're wondering where, you just have to think of the island that more artists concentrate per square meter in the summer: Ibiza.

Under the hashtag #duabeefa He has published a series of photos that make clear that he did not miss anything during his birthday party that started in the pool and lasted until the evening.

Surrounded by their parents and brothers and sisters, they have a number of friends (many of them models) who have signed up for this specific "Burning Man". not missed. And, of course, your boy, Isaac Carew.

There was no shortage of the cake with candles, which he was able to turn off altogether, and emotional speech after hearing how everyone sang a happy birthday.

A relaxing time he wanted to share with his family. Paradise beaches, sun and party that will make your stay on the island unforgettable. A good way to recharge your energy to take part in your tour in the United States in September.

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