Filman "The hidden face"

Fear, betrayal and love, themes & # 39; s of a new tape

MEXICO CITY (Notimex) .- A psychological thriller that analyzes the lowest instincts, feelings of guilt and betrayal that love can draw us from, this will be the movie "The hidden face", which started with filming in this city.

Led by Jorge Michel Grau, it is a Mexican version of the Colombian eponymous story directed by Andrés Baiz and released in 2011, which presents a love triangle among its protagonists, this time responsible for: José María of Tavira, Paulina Dávila and Cristina Rodlo.

The story is about the life of Éric, embodied by José María de Tavira, and Carolina, personified by Paulina Dávila, and the turn she gives when they move to Mexico City and where she appears at Fabiana, marked by Cristina Rodlo, which causes them to draw their darkest spirits.

Cristina Rodlo said her role is focused on a woman who works in a bar where she meets Éric and eventually falls in love and has a very strong romance.

For the actress to work in Mexico and in "The hidden face", it represents a jewel.

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