Girl announces her marriage with a sinister doll

CITY OF MEXICO.- Currently it is not easy to get your & # 39; half orange & # 39; to know, many people are so involved in their work that they leave relationships in the background.

To prevent this, Felicity Kandlec, a 19-year-old girl a Massachusetts resident, decided to forget the couples of flesh and blood and to have a relationship with Kelly & # 39; , her doll, reports on her website

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Yes, as you reads, not kidding, the girl maintains a & # 39; courtship & # 39; with her toys . As if this was not really weird, Kelly is no ordinary doll, she is a zombie and looks very, very seriously scary.

"I found Kelly in a web of sinister doll collections and I gave as a gift when he was 13 years old," the girl told Ladbible.

The strangest thing about all this is that recently the girl had her name tattooed and announced her plans to marry her . 19659002] "I have a normal and intimate relationship that develops in a good way"

"I have a normal and intimate relationship that develops well, we are going to marry in September, I regret that many of my relationships do not understand, I assure you that it is true love. "

About the criticism he receives, he says the following:

" I know that there are people who believe that I must have a relationship with a person, But for me, Kelly is real, I caress her and feel safe with her, I feel a real connection, it makes me happy and I love it, that's what really matters. "

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