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The actress confirmed the news in her last interview for Vogue magazine and did not hesitate to say that she married the man of her dreams.

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The double Oscar Hilary Swank made use of his last interview for the American edition of vogue to confirm on the one hand that he is married to his fiancé this summer Philip Schneiderby an intimate ceremony held in a nature reserve in California, and on the other hand to show that she could not feel happier and happier after having put the finishing touches to the enviable love story she has with her husband of his life. (It may interest you: Hilary Swank fails to convince fans that she and Jennifer Garner are not the same person)

"It was clearly timeless, I have no other way to describe it, I was overwhelmed by gratitude. To marry the man of my dreams and surrounded by lovers in the midst of such a magical and profound location is simply amazing. It is really a dream come true, "said the American interpreter in conversation with the magazine.

The protagonist of titles such as Boys do not cry or Million dollar baby she could not feel happy to have gone through the altar, as she herself explained when giving more details about the rural environment in which her link took place, in a protected forest area extending over 20,000 hectares and that it accommodates "trees of more than 800 years old".

"We found exactly what we were looking for in the Santa Lucia reserve, in Carmel, California, it is a private community full of trees over 800 years old and also has a small bunch of redwood that was ideal for such a special occasion, "said the famous artist to reveal that the first dance of the night, which is in charge of the couple, tried to match the newlyweds Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers.

"I doubt we really marked a modern version of Fred and Ginger, but we had a great time and both our family and our friends enjoyed it very much," he said jokingly.

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