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Arrival on Monday afternoon, Jenicka López, the fourth of the five children of Jenni Rivera, he used his social networks to send a message from the hospital in Morelia, Mexico, in which her older sister, the business woman and singer Chiquis Rivera, remains trapped. The interpreter of & # 39; Between bottles & # 39; had to be hospitalization this Sunday, forced to cancel his participation in a concert.

"Chiquis is fine, he had to cancel his show because it did not feel right. I had a pain and it was complicated, but everything is fine, "said Jenicka López, 21, through Instagram. The young model and the make-up artist emphasized that her sister is well taken care of and in that time she will be the one who carefully explains what exactly happened.

"I am not here to replace someone": Chiquis reacts to the attacks of the former Lorenzo Méndez


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The youngest of Jenni Rivera's daughters He defended his sister against those who accused him of having apologized for canceling his presentation in Morelia, Michoacán. "I do not understand why people say they lied (…) It was not a joke or a" publicity stunt "(advertising trick)," he said.

According to Jenicka, Chiquis is already "fine, it feels good, nothing more a little tired. She is very grateful for your prayers and the love you give her. A moment later she shared a picture of their hands, and repeated how grateful they are to receive so much love at such a delicate moment.

The young woman, like Lorenzo Méndez, fiancée of Chiquis, also said that the artist had undergone surgery. Last Sunday, when he tried to explain what happened to his girlfriend, the ex-vocalist of La Original Banda El Limón He said he did not want to think badly, but Six months ago there was a problem in the ovaries. So I do not want to give much information because It is very personal but it looks like that will be ".

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That revealed, what was known, was that Chiquis Rivera in October last year had a & # 39; emergency & # 39; had had a cyst in the right ovary that threatened his fertility and therefore his enormous desire to be a mother.

If he underwent another intervention between March and April this year, he did not react publicly. What came to light in April of this year was the reality show & # 39; The Riveras & # 39; from Chiquis Rivera last year. The program showed that the oldest daughter of Jenni Rivera went to her doctor Shahin Ghadir, who after intensive tests had warned him that he needed surgery to prevent the cyst from affecting his right ovary.

This answered Chiquis Rivera to a & # 39; hater & # 39; the & # 39; loggerhead model & # 39; called


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They tried to prevent the cyst from generating a sprain that eventually affected the blood flow to the right ovary of Chiquis. The 33-year-old artist made the pre-recording and then went to the operation with two friends. Just before she was admitted to the operating room, Lorenzo Méndez seemed to support her at that moment, which was so frightening.

Days later Chiquis Rivera reported through their social networks that she had been operated to remove a cyst of the size of "a grapefruit" from the right ovary. It went perfectly from that operation. "(My ovaries) are at 100. Yes, they are big and powerful, but good, like (that of) my mother"He remarked.

"Now we can get fresh babies and not frozen", joked Lorenzo Méndez at the time, referring to the possibility that they had evaluated the freezing of the eggs of Chiquis, so that in the future they would avoid difficulties when it comes to wanting to become parents.

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