Lindsay Lohan was beaten after helping homeless family


The actress Lindsay Lohan He had a bad time in it Russia, where he met a family of Syrian refugees who tried to help and eventually got a slap in the face, according to The Wrap.

The incident was recorded in a video recorded by Lohan himself, where the actress is seen approaching the family in a street.

"I want to show you a family that I met, a family of Syrian refugees, I'm going to approach them", the interpreter says.

Lohan tried to convince the smaller members of the group to go with her to her hotel, but everyone refused and they left, but the protagonist of Mean Girls he stood on it.

"They are children trafficking, I will not leave until I catch them, now I know who they are," the business woman shouted, who also said several things in Arabic.

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When the celebrity tried to catch one of the children, it seemed as if their mother hit her in the face.

"I'm in shock now, I'm like, well, scared," Lohan cried a moment later.

Unfortunately for Lindsay everything was included in a Instagram live and has already been polarized via social networks.

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