Maluma's stolen kiss on the MTV VMA's that left more than one mouth open

This Monday Maluma He literally wrote history by taking the stage of the MTV Video Music Awards to a full Spanish version of his popular song Happy the Four & # 39; with a staging that was the occasion. The singer appeared to the public, consisting of stars such as Cardi B or Jennifer Lopez, dressed in a silver shirtless suit underneath and accompanied by an attractive group of dancers after which he wobbled in a very sensual way.

In the middle of his performance he jumped into the stalls and even called himself dance steps with Camila Cabello and his mother, but the most explosive moment came in the last seconds of the song, then one of the beauties that accompanied him kissed him on the lips to put the finishing touches to his speech at the gala. And in this way the debate was served. Hours later, social networks are still trying to decide if that kiss was planned in advance and was part of the show or that the dancer in question had too many liberties.

Those who gamble on the first of the two options do so based on the argumentThe choreography they had prepared showed the women who accompanied the Colombian on stage & # 39; fighting & # 39; to draw his attention. However, many others quote the face of surprise that Maluma has put itself when the young woman in question kissed him and the reaction of another dancer, who very subtly tried to divorce them to try to change the face of the artist, to defend the theory that this moment was not part of the script or, at least not to that extreme.

The other question is how would it fit the official friend of the interpreter, the model Natalia Barulichsee that show of affection between your boy and another woman in such a public forum. In that sense it is only possible to speculate, although the fact that Natalia included several videos of the evening in the Stories section of her Instagram along with a congratulatory message –"Congratulations on your great performance in the VMA, you stole my show", He is insured on that platform – he seems to suggest that he did not care much.

Maluma, in turn, has opted to ignore the controversy for the time being Focus on the great professional moment that you have just experienced.

"I just stepped out of the VMA & # 39; s and I am very happy, son p." I'm sorry, but I'm very happy, "he said in a video that was recorded after the show and moments before he stepped into a private jet to go to Ciudad, from Mexico, where he was barely able to control his emotions." have written history, that's the reality, it's the first time that a Latin artist sings a full Spanish song in the VMA, the first time in history, how crazy that is, and I wanted to tell you that I'm happy, very happy and grateful for God, with you and with life, thank you for believing in me, the masters, I love you. & # 39;

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