Marilyn Manson faints during a concert in Houston

HOUSTON, USA. Exactly so five songs from the programmed repertoire could interpret the singer Marilyn Manson Last Saturday at the concert he had offered in Houston, USA, because he fainted a little during his entire show.

According to Europa Press, it became clear from the first moment that Manson was unable to act, something he himself confirmed to the public by insuring that he was deadly due to the excessive heat.

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He just had time to play the Cruci-Fiction songs in space, Angel with the pushed wings. These are the new shit and Sweet dreams, in which the reality with the rocker leans on the speakers at the end of the song.

Nevertheless, he drew strength from weakness to still sing in the superstar of the Antichrist and nothing else. The tour of Manson is in collaboration with his friend Rob Zombie, who later acted and referred to the state of health of the & # 39; reverend & # 39 ;.

"My dear friend Mr. Manson has succumbed to the climate. He probably feels like a bastard on the bus. I need a partner for the next song, so we're going to sing very hard to make him feel better, "Zombie told the audience.

Manson himself knew that the night would not be particularly good. According to local media, his team took all photographers out of the pit for the stage to prevent them from taking pictures of the musician in bad shape.

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