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The singer Shawn Mendes He was one of the first to appear on the carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards 2018. Bebe Rexha and the sister of Miley Cyrus, Noah, also showed the best talent in the minutes before the start of the ceremony.


You can not miss it! LIVE LIVE It MTV Video Music Awards 2018 will be held again in the city New York (United States), an event that will reward the performance of the artists and the most popular music videos of this year, where Latin talent will shine more than ever on stage.

Cardi B has become the singer with more nominations in the VMA 2018 with 10 entries, the list is followed by Beyonce and Jay-Z with eight nominations.

YOU CAN SEE MTV Video Music Awards 2018: this is the complete list of nominees

Nicki Minaj and his ex-partner Safaree Samuels are also one of the most anticipated, because it would be the first time that they are faced with the heavy accusations. On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez will after almost 17 years of her last appearance on it MTV.

Another of the artists who has just confirmed his performance in the reggaeton, Maluma, who is the only Latin nominee for Best Video & # 39; will be when performing a performance in the VMA 2018

In which channel see the MTV Video Music Awards 2018?

It is an exclusive event of MTVThat is why it is the official channel for shipping on Monday, August 20 at 20:00. (Peruvian time)

Only for Peru: in Movistar, MTV channels 602 and in HD 760, while MTV Latino is available on channel 264 on DIRECTV.

How to watch the MTV Video Music Awards 2018 for free or without cable?

Do not have a TVpaga server? Do not worry, you can follow LIVE via Facebook Live from the VMA or via the MTV web portal, but it will only be the Red Carpet.

If you wish, you can continue for free via the portal The where we will share the whole price from minute to minute and share unpublished video of the whole ceremony (from this article).

What time does the central show of the MTV Video Music Awards 2018 begin?

Peru: 20:00
Mexico: 20:00
Colombia: 20:00
Ecuador: 20:00
Venezuela: 9:00
Chili: 22.00
Argentina: 22.00
United States: 9:00 am Washington (GMT-5), 8:00 am Chicago (GMT-6), 19:00 Denver (GMT-7), 6:00 pm Los Angeles (GMT-8). 5 pm Anchorage (GMT-8) and 3:00 am H.Honolulu (GMT-10).

Spain: 3 pm (Tuesday, August 21).

What time are the Red Carpet of Preshow of the MTV Video Music Awards 2018?

Peru: 7:00 PM
Mexico: 7:00 PM
Colombia: 7:00 PM
Ecuador: 7:00 PM
Venezuela: 20:00
Chili: 9:00
Argentina: 9:00
United States: 8 pm Washington (GMT-5), 7:00 pm Chicago (GMT-6), 18:00 hrs Denver (GMT-7) 5:00 pm Los Angeles (GMT-8). 4 pm Anchorage (GMT-8) and 14:00 Honolulu (GMT-10).

Spain: 14:00 (Tuesday, August 21).

Programming of the MTV Video Music Awards 2018

The most awaited artists for fans in the gala of the MTV Video Music Awards 2018 are: Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Shaw Mendes, Travis Scott, among others.

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