New accusations against Asia Argento [Espectáculos] – 26-08-2018

United States.- Every day new characters are added to the awful plot in which Asia Argento shines. The British comedian Jeff Leach, 34 years old, confirms that the director and actress sent him topless photos & videos a few months ago. They were unsolicited images, which Argento sent him, even knowing that Leach had a girlfriend.

The comedian told the episode in June last year in a program that discussed the case Harvey Wenstein, the former Hollywood producer who was accused of sexual abuse by the Italian artist. The British newspaper "Daily Mail" has now revealed Leach's statement: "I think of the irony of someone who regrets that he has received unsolicited sexual attention and then does exactly the same," said Leach, who explained how the exchange was of messages with Asia Argento.

"She knew that I was with my girlfriend when she sent me a half-naked video with the writing of Hey Jeff." I replied: "You can not send me this …" At that time the Italian artist was separated from the director Michele Civetta, father of her son Nicola Giovanni – the actress also had a daughter, Anna Lou, with the singer Morgan – while Jeff Leach tried to heal himself from a heavy dependence on sex. In an interview with British television BBC stated that at age 27 years old had already had sexual relations with more than 300 women.

The actress would have been annoyed by explaining that she had sent videos & photos to all her friends in which she appeared naked and "they know it is not sexual at all". But these new accusations detract from her as spokesman for the # MeToo movement for women's rights.

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