Pierce Brosnan lacks the humorous tone of the James Bond films

As was the case with the & # 39; Batman & # 39; trilogy signed by Christopher Nolan, the Irish interpreter believes that the most recent films of Agent 007 are wrong to be realistic.

Pierce Brosnan personified agent 007 before Daniel Craig Courtesy

When Daniel Craig took the helm of the James Bond films in the title role, the franchise chose to build a more realistic style as much as possible. embrace and make a face-lift for the British spy, that he was no longer the same seducer, dressed to the last detail and without scruples of previous deliveries.

The new formula managed to capture the public and turned the actor into a 007 that the producers did not like to let go of – it is rumored that in the face of the next episode they offered him a blank check as long as he agreed to put his tuxedo on again – but not everyone was convinced by the turnaround that history has made. (You might be interested: "James Bond is pretty boring": Pierce Brosnan) Pierce Brosnan, Craig's predecessor, lacks that comical and ironic touch that characterized Bond for decades and where he remained true to himself when it was his turn.

"There is no more humor left in. In my time you had to make it clear to the public that it was all a fantastic joke, what should I do, jump from a motorcycle to a plane?" It was totally ridiculous, yes, but for me that was the key, to know and accept it, that I had seen when I was little, Sean (Connery) did it and Roger (Moore) also in an excellent way, "he assured. in an interview with The Rake magazine. (Also Pierce Brosnan's home in Malibu)

The Irish interpreter does not miss the spy in service of Her Majesty the Queen after his departure time to renew or die in the light of a new generation of secret agents led by Jason Bourne, as deadly as charming, had landed on the map and was ready to end his reign.

"I was aware that a change had occurred, although I did not know that I would contribute to it as soon as my contract was over, I knew they would have to make changes," he said, acknowledging at the same time that they at least knew how to keep some of the characteristics of the character. "They had a great competition, but they managed not to reinvent the story completely, instead they took a turn to give it more dynamism and muscle power."

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