Rock Park 2018 comes in scene this weekend

This festive bridge is held in the 24th edition of Rock al Parque, considered the most important free rock festival in Latin America.

As usual, the park Simón Bolívar will have three scenarios for the presentation of local and international bands.

Then the official festival schedule.

Saturday, August 18

Plaza Stage

Stage Bio

Stage Eco

3:00 p. m.- 03:40 p. m.
The brainwashing machine (district call)

3:00 p. m. – 3:40 p. m.
Tears of Misery (District Calling)

3:00 p. m. 04:00 p. m.
Vobiscum Lucipher (grass)

03:55 p. m. – 04:55 p. m.
Angelus Apatrida (Spain)

03:55 p. m. – 04:45 p. m.
Hypoxia (Colombians abroad)

4:15 p. m. 05:15 p. m.
Skull (cali) – 20th Anniversary Show

05:10 p. m. – 6:00 p. m.
Massacre – Official 30-year jubilee show (Medellín)

05:00 p. m. – 6:00 p. m.
Cattle Decapitation (USA)

5:30 p. m. 06:10 p. m.
Loathsome Faith (District call)

06:15 p. m.- 06:55 p. m.
Implosion brain (district calling)

06:15 P.M. – 7: 15 P. M.
Suffocation (USA)

7:10 p. m. – 8:10 p. m.
Dark Tranquility (Sweden)

08:25 p. m.- 09:25 p. m.
Dark Funeral (Sweden)


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