So Madonna reacted to criticism of her words in honor of Aretha Franklin at the MTV awards NTN24

The Queen of the Doll, Madonna, was the target of criticism on Tuesday after her speech on Monday at the MTV Awards in which she took the opportunity to talk about the so-called Queen of the American soul, Aretha Franklin, who last Thursday, August 16 is deceased.

Many claimed that it was a tribute from Madonna to Franklin, and criticized the former because during a large part of the intervention the pop queen spoke of himself.

"I can not believe that Madonna chose a tribute to Aretha Franklin as an opportunity to give a long speech about her fame and she called Aretha for three seconds," said a Twitter user.

Madonna, however, decided in her Instagram account to clarify what happened: "They asked me to present the video prize of the year and then they asked me to share anecdotes I had in my career that had to do with Aretha Franklin! I shared part of my journey and I thanked Aretha for his inspiration during the trip, I did not intend to honor him, that would be impossible to do in two minutes, with all the noise of a prize-giving ceremony. do justice in this context or environment. "

"Unfortunately, most people have little attention span and they can be judged so quickly, I love Aretha! R. E. S. P. E. T.," he added.

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