The & # 39; tiraeras & # 39; between Resident and a Venezuelan rapper who light social networks

October 4, 2018 – 7:24 am


Writing from El País

This Thursday at sunrise, the answer of the Puerto Rican singer, René Pérez, on the & # 39; tiraera & # 39; of the Venezuelan rapper NK Profeta, where the lifestyle of the ex-member of Calle 13 was attacked hard.

On the subject & # 39; Mr. Resident & # 39 ;, the Venezuelan rapper uses the number of & # 39; La Cátedra & # 39 ;, stripper of Resident to Tempo, to mention in nine minutes – what for him – his contradictions in the life model and political thinking of the Puerto Rican artist.

In one of the sections of the tiraera, NK Profeta Residente questions his support for socialist models of Latin America and tells him that he mocks people who write people with j because you do not educate, humiliate & # 39 ;.

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The & # 39; tiraera & # 39; was launched last Monday and fitted very well into the urban genre, so much so that he reached Residente's ears and promised to respond on Wednesday afternoons. Nine hours later he released his song & # 39; Dear Louis & # 39; from.

In eight minutes Resident revises his lifestyle and political ideals, NK Prophet recalls that no foreigner can save Venezuela from his crisis. And he also says: "The difference between you and me is that" the person who voted for Chavez was you. "

He adds that it took a year to write that number and not happy with that, he stole intellectual property from him – because the number on the number of & # 39; La Cátedra & # 39; state.

These are the two & # 39; tiraeras & # 39 ;, for you who won the game?

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