The feast of Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee through the streets (and the rooftops) of Brooklyn ELESPECTADOR.COM

The video clip is directed by Dave Meyers and the participants in this dance party were chosen by Janet herself, together with her usual creative director, Gil Duldulao.

Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee, together in & # 39; Made For Now & # 39; .

Janet Jackson is back with new music! The world icon launches its long-awaited new single and video "Made For Now" in collaboration with Reggaeton Superstar, Daddy Yankee. (It might interest you: Janet Jackson fought against depression)

Jackson let go of a madness among his fans when he visualized the art of the new single on his Instagram page this week. E sto marks his return to the music scene from his eleventh studio album and the seventh album # 1, & # 39; Unbreakable & # 39 ;, released in October 2015.

"Made For Now" ] is inspired by the personal love of Janet for music from all over the world and is produced by Harmony Samuels, who has made songs for Ariana Grande, Mary J. Blige, Maroon 5 and Jennifer Lopez.

The song aims to inspire people to enjoy their lives and take advantage of today's chances, without worrying or waiting until tomorrow. (You may be interested: Janet Jackson receives the & # 39; icon & # 39; prize at the Billboard Music Awards 2018)

The music video is recorded in Brooklyn New York, and is produced by his former employee and winner of the Grammy award, Dave Myers, the audiovisual piece will transport the fans to a neighborhood festival full of cameo's from a group of international dancers from Ghana, Nigeria, Granada, Trinidad and the USA. UU., Which were selected by Janet herself and her former Creative Director, Gil Duldulao.

"Made For Now" crowns an incredible summer for Janet, who led the main festivals, including the Essence Festival in New Orleans, the largest audience in his 24-year history. (It may interest you: Daddy Yankee was the victim of a millionaire robbery in Valencia, Spain)

The artist was very attentive to the press and fans for her first performance on the [New York Festival] in 1945, where Billboard said : "Unbelievably choreographic choreographing for more than one and a half hours … Jackson is an unstoppable transformer on the stage," and Vibe said: "Not only were we stunned by his presence, but also by his dedication to his office." [19659004] On the other hand, it was recently announced that Jackson would lead the World Citizens Festival in Central Park on September 29th. Fans can visit for up-to-date information on upcoming events

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