The mask fell on the superhuman! Hanny Mendoza confessed that Angel was unfaithful

The unveiling of Ángel Arregocés in the Super Human Challenge fell like a & # 39; bucket & # 39; of cold air, not only for the viewers who follow the program, but also for his girlfriend, Hanny Mendoza, with whom he had been involved for a year. 19659002] The network interviewed the former participant of Desafió and claimed not to know the news.

The model stated in the program that after the participant announced the news in the national broadcast and via the Caracol Channel he started receiving congratulations and everything for the son she would be waiting for with the Super Human.

In view of this situation, the model decided to repeat the chapter and see with its own eyes what the participant had said after the elimination.

In the program she said that during a holiday in San Andrés she got some text messages and in what they warned her about a son, who apparently had the young costeño.

Angel told the network that the son had the fruit of a relationship with a Canadian and who came to the country intermittently.

"Two years ago we met and then we met again", said Angel, who revealed that during these hearings the woman expressed her wish to have a child with her.

Hanny confessed that two months before they took the challenge they were together and after a year of relationship, August 13, 2017.

"He did it unfaithfully," Hanny said.

The model said that I felt sad and disappointed because she never believed that the former participant would betray her.

The superhuman son lives in Canada and until today he would be a month old.

The former participant from that "There is a child involved and changes the direction of the relationship."

Angel converted and asked for forgiveness manifested "It was not my intention"

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