The protos of Los Futbolísimos tell us about their time at school and their hobbies in the field Film and television

The football players Eventually they come on the big screen. The adaptation of best-selling books from Roberto Santiago is directed by Miguel Ángel Lamata and has a cast of debutantes and adults in the role of parents.

Julio Bohigas this is Pakete, the protagonist of the adventures of the Soto Alto Fútbol Club, Milene Mayer indicates life Helena (with ax), Carmen Ruiz and Joaquín Reyes they are the parents of Pakete, and Norma Ruiz and Antonio Pagudo They are Felipe and Alicia, the team coaches.

The film is based on The mystery of the sleeping referees the first episode of the saga of The football players, which as a whole has sold 1,700,000 books. On this occasion, members of the Soto Alto Fútbol Club will have to figure out who is boycotting the team, so that they can descend to the second division and put a choir in their place.

We were chatting with the protagonists of the film and told us what it was like to make this film, what it was like to play at school and whether or not they were very soccer fans (and their answers will surprise you). Touch the game!

The football players opens on 24 August.

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